bankstown crime rate Get fit and train hard with over 2,000 sqm of Crunch awesome-ness. Together, these high-crime suburbs delivered outstanding five-year growth The facts are, in murder rates: U. Bankstown, NSW — 26 per cent “Obviously, ice is not the only drug that’s driving crime rates — alcohol continues to be a major problem,” Mr Dawson said. Bankstown, NSW Licences4Work Bankstown is a member of Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. 6) 64 (27. School planning and reporting; Returning to school safely; Location and transport; Enrolment; Financial contributions and assistance; Our staff ; Rules and policies; What we offer; Supporting our students. 38%: Bankstown: 6892: 123. 75%: Penrith: 8328: 148. Crime statistics The lowest crime rates reported by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research are in Bankstown, Baulkham Hills, Hawkesbury, Fairfield, Holroyd, the Inner West, the Northern Beaches, North Sydney, Hornsby, Ryde, Sutherland and the Hills Shire. 2016 Mazda CX-9 turbo. Shows how much people think the problem in their community are property crimes (home broken, car theft, etc. Weekend; Weekday In Bankstown (State Suburbs), of couple families with children, 14. (more bwu / ysbk weather) ysbk 281800z auto 00000kt 9999 // ncd 15/13 q1018 rmk rf00. To identify major types of crime Hypotheses: 1. But the bulk of violent crime reported practically daily across Sydney, stems from immigrants in Sydney’s ethnic ghettos in Sydney’s notoriously violent south west in the likes of infamous Bankstown, Auburn, Mount Druitt, Kakemba, Macquarie Fields and Campbelltown. “All levels of government need to be involved if we are going to put an end to the juvenile crime epidemic. And then there was the fact of Cabramatta and Bankstown in the nineties, the Sydney suburbs of Vietnamese immigrants where crime rates spiked following the introduction of cheap heroin from Vietnamese gangs. Non-dwelling break and enters Bardstown violent crime is 10. The three districts in West Sydney are Canterbury-Bankstown, Greater Western Sydney and South Western Sydney. A true all-rounder in the Sydney crime statistics olympics, the Bankstown region scores high points in all the key undesirable stats you’d want to avoid in a suburb to call home. There are plenty of trains going to the city. 3) 79 (35. Users seeking a local crime map can also use our Crime Mapping Tool to build a crime rate map or view hotspot maps for a wide range of offences. The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC; formerly Australian Crime Commission; ACC) has identified methamphetamine as presenting a risk to the Australian community in a number of ways, including through its link with engagement in property crime (2015). " (p. This collaboration is reflected in the . Cabramatta Railway Station became known as the "junkie express" and deaths from overdoses in public places such as toilets were reported. Canterbury-Bankstown has remained under the NSW state averages for a variety of criminal offences including malicious damage to property Crime Statistics for New South Wales (2007-2011) Also in archive (2006) Browsing : Australia > New South Wales > Sydney > Canterbury/Bankstown > Bankstown(2200) The number of people appearing in NSW courts may have risen, but crime in Canterbury-Bankstown has dropped significantly, according to the latest crime statistics. Perceptions of Safety & Fear of Crime Research Report (T106931/2014) 1 Perceptions of Safety & Fear of Crime Research Report . (The US average is 35. 8) 102 (44. Bankstown Social Infrastructure Study , shown below. This page includes a selection of these. Crime Statistics for New South Wales (2007-2011) Also in archive (2006) Browsing : Australia > New South Wales > Sydney > Canterbury/Bankstown > Padstow(2211) Popular crime maps. 30: 0. Please consider the school children’s safety and do not go ahead with this proposal. 76 million and is located on the coast of Australia’s south east. It is about 18 kms from NSW's capital city of Sydney. This compares UNFAVOURABLY to the state average of 51. We were boat people, foreigners, gangsters, and ingrates. Riskwise identified the Top 10 Sydney high-crime areas (Source: NSW Police) to compare their five-year growth to the city’s median. Bankstown Police Area Command, Bankstown, New South Wales. 1. For both populations these neighbourhoods had higher crime rates than the average for the rest of New South Wales; with the exception of the Vietnamese 1986 figures, the Aims of the topic: 1. BOCSAR's crime mapping unit regularly produces specialised maps showing the spatial distribution of recorded crime for topical issues. 61: 0. To investigate the trends in Crime Rate over the last 5 years 2. Eighty per cent of young people have been harassed by police, and for young Aboriginal people that figure jumps to 95%. Crime Statistics. au and the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, Bankstown is on top of the list for the most car thefts with Blacktown coming in first for the most burglaries and the The analysis of NSW crime statistics and real estate prices revealed suburbs with the highest incidents of gun violence such as Bankstown and Guildford have outperformed the rest of the housing market over the past five years. Important: Please quote this number when referring to this data query. Tumut is performing better than the NSW average in 15 crime categories and worse in 22 crime categories, according to the latest information from the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Reporting. 0 2021/03/28 22:33 ysbk 282233z 2900/2912 24006kt 9999 few035 We have summarised key information from the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, with data collected from July 2013 – June 2014, regarding robberies, thefts and malicious property damage. Homebush (Overall rank: 101) Located on the border of the inner west and Canterbury Bankstown, Croydon Park has Crime rates in Baton Rouge by year; Type 2006 2007 2008 2009 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019; Murders (per 100,000) 57 (27. 5. 1. It's getting so that being young and in a public place is a crime. Armed robbery rates fell significantly in NSW last year and rates of many other serious crimes also dropped or remained steady - except in Canterbury/Bankstown, new figures show. Bankstown Police Area Command, Bankstown, New South Wales. 2 per cent in Canterbury-Bankstown, over the past two years , while the number of people in court across the state rose by three per cent. Sydenham was found to have the highest crime rate by population. According to BOCSAR data Bankstown’s rate of prohibited and regulated weapons offences per 100,000 population is 115. , 2017). Despite this, the sensationalist tales that have dominated the media headlines have been of high crime rates, violence, and religious extremism. com. Organised crime in Sydney may seem like a rare occurrence, but behind the city’s peaceful exterior is a thriving criminal underworld! While Sydney crime figures have been dropping steadily for the past couple of years, there's data (like the Campbelltown crime rate) that tell of a much larger problem facing New South Wales. Around one in three people in Bankstown were born in a non-English speaking country. 71: 0. The Bankston crime heat map offers insight into the total crimes on a block group level. This comment was successfully delivered to the email server of Canterbury-Bankstown Council at 2020-11-09 08:53:19 UTC Averaged over the years 2011 to 2016 the homicide rate in the Fairfield local government area (which includes the Vietnamese ghetto of Cabramatta) had a murder rate about twice the state average, Bankstown about two and a half times and Auburn just over three times the state average. Based on the color coded legend above, the crime map outlines the areas with lower crime compared to the areas with higher crime. (3) Section I discusses patterns of crime and victimization rates and trends since the 1960s and 1970s. Crime statistics: murders, rapes, robberies, assaults, burglaries, thefts, auto thefts, arson, law enforcement employees, police officers, crime map NeighborhoodScout's research shows that Bardstown's violent crime rate is 1 per one thousand inhabitants, which is about average for all communities in America, across all population sizes. 5 times the incident rate of heroin-related overdose deaths (Roxburgh et al. 0) 74 (32. But Minister of Corrections David Elliott said crime rates have fallen in NSW and parolees are subject to tight restrictions and monitoring. 6) 74 (32. While the rate of heroin overdose deaths remained stable in Australia between 2001 and 2012, PO-related deaths during this period were 2. This article contains the stats and NSW Crime Statistics online queries. INTRODUCTION Living in West Sydney. 78%: St Marys: 7356: 131. Per capita, Canterbury and Bankstown council areas fared better, recording the sixth and seventh highest murder rates in NSW respectively. Our appearance, culture, and language were alien and threatening. Table 3 – Population projections for City of Canterbury Bankstown (LGA) Table 4 – Crime rates per 100,000 people (September 2017 – September 2018). We encourage contributions to this page, but please do NOT report crime here. Queensland police officers working on the state’s virus frontline have been given a deadline for getting the COVID-19 vaccine. 17,431 likes · 147 talking about this. Liverpool has the 21st highest crime rate in the country. 09: 0. 0/000. 6 per 100,000 people . 6) 66 (28. The NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOSCAR) report shows criminal activity dropped by 2. 1) 70 (31. 9%); break and enter dwelling (down 6. Below is an Crime Although crime rates has largely receded compared to decades ago, the suburb has had a reputation as one of the most 'over-reported' areas when it came to drug abuse. On the radio/tv/computer I hear about different robberies From local crime in your area to the latest police updates, news. 7) Rapes (per 100,000) 93 (44. 4% in the month of June 2018. The demographics are mostly Middle Eastern and Vietnamese. The trend unemployment rate was 5. NSW Police Force HQ. 3) 53 (23. 7) Bardstown property crime is 38. Specific Crime Rate Drops. Housing in high-crime areas such as Busby, Bankstown and Guildford are outperforming the Sydney market, according to research house RiskWise Property Research. The governmental approach is likely to be "don't do the crime and you won't do the time”. The highest rates of shooting Living in Sydney. This report was prepared by Patrick Shepherdson, Crime Prevention Consultant (www. Padstow is in the federal electorates of Banks, Hughes. We encourage contributions to this page, but please do NOT report crime here. Available as quarterly crime updates, annual reports, crime statistics for NSW and your local area, trends in recorded crime statistics by area Crime statistics. 4) Blacktown – This suburb has a high crime rate, thus putting it in the list of dangerous areas in Sydney. 66: 0. Lorraine teaches at Wiley Park Girls’ High School, the same school she attended as a student. “Over the year to June, the unemployment rate declined by 0. 1% had both partners employed full-time, 3. The crime rate within the Northern Territory has been linked to its alcohol problem and issues regarding unemployment, with a majority of the crimes committed involving violence and robbery in some form. Crime Type: Rate of Burwood: Rate of NSW: Assault: 651: 869: Damage: 744: 946: Robbery: 101: 49: Sexual offences: 112: 154: Theft: 5,350: 3,306: Total: 6,958: 5,324 Police were called to the house on Rickard Road in Bankstown at 2. 64: 0. Advanced Filters. We would also like to make a special mention to Campsie and Ashfield Local Area Commands for their time It's probably easier to answer which are the bad areas by saying not many, unless you decide to go to some of the low rent housing districts in the outer Western and south Western suburbs, or in Redfern, a suburb in the southern area of central Sy A report showing record levels of amphetamine use among people in police custody is proof that ice is driving crime rates higher, the Australian Institute of Criminology says. 3%); fraud (down 3. 1 — well below the overall NSW rate of 171. Crime Type: Rate of Bankstown: Rate of NSW: Assault: 836: 869: Damage: 754: 946: Robbery: 66: 49: Sexual offences: 118: 154: Theft: 3,409: 3,306: Total: 5,183: 5,324 Campbelltown and Bankstown aren’t far behind. Even though this is a revised draft of the document from We will all be affected if the crime rates increase with so many tenants moving into these rooms. To do a background check, you may contact Better Business Bureau and find out if the company you are choosing is certified. S. 2 March 1994 – NCA Bombing – A parcel bomb exploded at the Adelaide office of the National Crime Authority, killing Detective Sergeant Geoffrey Bowen and injuring lawyer Peter Wallis. Liverpool is south west and has been associated with higher crime rates but no more than other places on the South or Bankstown lines were introduced between 2011 (Sydney: Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, 2014), 2, accessed November 8, 2017, was conducted; the results were analysed by Bankstown Community Corrections Centre. Along with Bankstown, it is one of the only areas in Sydney to experience rising crime rates. 11%: Redfern Crime Type: Rate of Bankstown: Rate of NSW: Assault: 836: 869: Damage: 754: 946: Robbery: 66: 49: Sexual offences: 118: 154: Theft: 3,409: 3,306: Total: 5,183: 5,324 View recorded crime statistics in NSW on the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research website. 1 Charles Street Parramatta, NSW 2150 Postal Address. 2) 47 (20. Sydney is a family-friendly city, with great schools, access to fun weekend activities and a relatively low crime rate. A 2016 report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics report highlights this, with its main ethnic demographics ranging from Vietnamese and Lebanese, to Pakistani and Bengali. What were the crime rates over the last 20 years? This graph shows the U. 21%: Surry Hills: 5188: 92. 1% females and 48. Quick to get anywhere but not safe if you want to buy a house, start a family and bring up your kids. 9. 9% males. 23%: Mount Druitt: 10654: 190. [11] It appears that in the Northern Territory the increased criminalisation and incarceration of Indigenous people is seen as an acceptable outcome of introducing zero tolerance policing. Justice for the Lin family after a jury today found Lian Bin "Robert" Xie guilty of brutally murdering five of his relatives in cold blood. 9) 100 (44. com. 17,430 likes · 147 talking about this. 9%). Find all the breaking news related to crime and courts in New South Wales. Eleven people were murdered in 2016 – six in Bankstown and five in Canterbury, the highest number of any local government area in NSW. 13. The results were astounding. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Although much lower than in other northern cities such as Manchester, Newcastle and Burnley, the crime rate in Liverpool is still high, with 266 crimes per 1,000 people. 18%: Potts Point: 4349: 77. Over the last 5 years, I think that the crime rate has slowly increased, to its peak. In effect the Lebanese crime gangs were handed the keys to Sydney. com. 7 per 100,000 people. 6) 123 (53. 2 percentage points. 15pm on Sunday after a 49-year-old man suffered a stab wound to the neck. Weekend or Weekday. Singapore has notoriously tough penalties for all crimes, including low-level offenses, which might contribute to its extremely low crime rate, the BBC reported in 2013. These are people with diverse stories to tell. 3%); robbery with a weapon not a firearm (down 13. If you are hiring a private cleaner, do a thorough verification. When looking at five-year trends for Canterbury-Bankstown, crime statistics have predominantly remained stable or shown a downward trend. Your chance of being a victim of violent crime in Baytown is 1 in 238 and property crime is 1 in 27. 5) 75 (33. The ABS Labour Force Survey provides the official estimates of Australia's unemployment rate. Select Offence Type. 40%: Haymarket: 8742: 156. Instances of police stopping young people in the street and strip searching them in public are becoming common and usually occur in areas with a high BOCSAR figures for crime rates across Sydney show the hot spots targeted by the ethnic squads have among the highest incidence of certain crime types in the state. It is currently used mostly for cricket matches and has been used by New South Wales, particularly for one day matches. Violent crimes that are tracked and included in this rate are armed robbery, aggravated assault, rape (not statutory), and murder and non-negligent manslaughter. 3 per A parliamentary inquiry hears around 20,000 people will be worse off when the Sydenham-to-Bankstown heavy rail line line is converted to a Metro service. It was a shocking crime that gripped the nation for more than seven years and finally, after four trials and eight days of deliberation, a majority verdict was reached by the jury. 22 August 1994 – In a double murder-suicide in Stirling , Western Australia, Kyle and Latisha O'Neill were shot dead by their father Norm while they slept. 2 per cent), steal from motor vehicle (down 25 per cent) and fraud (down 13. Throughout the 1990s, crime rates have climbed along with a number of drug indicators such as opioid overdoses. 8% had one employed full-time and the other part-time. The City of Canterbury-Bankstown would like to acknowledge the input of our community safety and crime prevention partners in the development of this Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan. 9 per cent), motor vehicle theft (down 25. . On a good note, there are constant police patrols on the streets. crime rate by year 1990-2018. ” said Queensland Police Union president Ian Leavers. 9) 52 (23. The most influential of the Middle Eastern crime groups are the Muslim males of Telopea Street, and Bankstown – known as the Telopea Street Boys. 9 to every 1000 residents living in suburbs including Darlinghurst, Kings Cross and Potts Point. The most noteworthy trend is that crime has been declining-for most offenses substantially-since The article to which c8to links reports that crime in most categories and geographical areas in NSW has decreased, but that “[i]n inner Sydney, robberies with a firearm increased by 111 per cent over the last two years, robberies without a firearm went up 44 per cent in Canterbury-Bankstown“. S. 8 billion. Robbery without a weapon (down 44. S. A safe and secure NSW. We have summarised key information from the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, with data collected from July 2013 – June 2014, regarding robberies, thefts and malicious property damage. 1) 60 (26. 55%: Cabramatta: 4414: 78. 5) 49 (21. My car insurance reduced by $165 from moving from Coogee to Milperra. Rather than spending this extraordinary amount of Methamphetamine is a drug of concern in Australia, with availability and purity on the rise (ACC 2014). In order to determine the severity of the drug problem amongst the The mayor of Canterbury-Bankstown says the government’s plans to drug-test welfare recipients will further stigmatise and marginalise his region and has the potential to drive up crime. Amongst this sample of detainees, the average number testing positive to cannabis use in the past 30 days was 63 per cent in Southport, 61 per cent in East Perth, 52 per cent in Parramatta and 47 per cent in Bankstown. 2%); motor vehicle theft (down 7. These suburbs and areas experienced a decline in robbery with and without a weapon or firearm Bankstown has good access to shopping and public transport. The Bankston crime map provides a detailed overview of all crimes in Bankston as reported by the local law enforcement agency. au has you covered. The crime rates of Bankstown area are alarming and therefore, you must be cautious. 39%: Blacktown: 12912: 230. 25: 0. 1) 71 (31. Never hear of crime in the area. The crime families mostly targeted each other, after Adnan Darwiche and Bilal Razzak (both sons of their families’ respective patriarchs) got into a brawl at Nemra’s Cafe in Bankstown on February 25, 2001. QLD Coronavirus News COVID cops given strict deadline on vaccination. As part of 10 Stories from Bankstown, Bankstown City Council’s Community Harmony project, Tag interviews 51 year old Lorraine Kozlowski who has lived in the Bankstown area all her life. 57: 0. crime rate was 370 cases per 100,000 of the population. 3) Arrestees in the US also show high rates of drug use -- much higher rates than in Australia. The crime rate has improved but is still generally high. I recommend staying in either of those two neighbourhoods when visiting the city and looking for where to stay in Sydney for the first time. Demands by various organisations for the release of Tighes Hill and Bankstown eviction and class war prisoners, 1930-32; selected documents: Request to the Minister for Justice to receive a deputation from the International Class War Prisoners Aid National Office 10 December 1931; Copy of response from Under Secretary of We celebrated many achievements including our IEC's 40th Anniversary. It’s a simple solution to lock up more people, and rarely are simple solutions the answer to complex problems. In the west, Campbelltown ranked the most dangerous area to reside, with Wollondilly, Camden, Holroyd and Bankstown faring best. ranks #121 safest out of 218 countries, #4 safest out of 49 counties in our hemisphere, #19 safest out of 36 OECD countries, our drug/gang/crime problems have nothing to do with gun control, and more guns = less murder because it's dangerous to try to kill an armed person. Given the very localised nature of the It is also notorious for having one of the highest crime rates for domestic and public violence in Sydney. 35%: Parramatta: 10116: 180. A safe and secure NSW. Employment and hours Source: NRS 333 Attorney General and Justice: Special bundles, 1874-1984. This continues a gradual decrease in the trend unemployment rate from late 2014 and is the lowest rate since January 2013,” said the Chief Economist for the ABS, Bruce Hockman. The way these deaths are distributed across Sydney will be the subject of the next section. Sutherland Shire Crime Prevention Plan 2018 – 2021 4/180-184 Chapel Road, Bankstown, NSW 2200. 8% had both employed part-time and 10. 0/000. Similarly the Central Coast has a rate of 159. 6) 87 (38. 0) 64 (27. S. It has a population of around 4. Which area in Sydney is the best to stay? The Sydney CBD and Darling Harbour are definitely the most popular and best areas to stay in Sydney for tourists. A full list of all the suburbs within these districts are at the end of this page. 5) 65 (28. [2] Burwood is convenient as it has lots of good shopping options, and a good train line, but it will soon become another crowded place with high crime rate, an expensive Parramatta indeed. Yet what I have found is that my area holds a certain weight that it needs to shake off and the best way to shake it off is with cold hard facts, we must investigate if indeed the Bankstown area is the “Crime Capital” of Sydney and if there is a connection between Middle Eastern populations and an increase in crime rates. The offences which showed the most significant falls over the past two years are: robbery without a weapon (down 13. View property details and sold price of 4/180-184 Chapel Road & other properties in Bankstown, NSW 2200. There are high rates of pick-pocketing, teenagers’ harassment, drug use, robbery without firearms, and home theft. To investigate the security measures people have put into place 3. Information about crime in Blacktown, Australia. The latter's rates rose in all four suburbs at a fairly consistent level whereas the Vietnamese rate in Bankstown and Fairfield jumped significantly ahead from 1985 to 1987. 1) 73 (31. ), violent crimes (being mugged or robbed, being attacked or insulted), corruption and other crimes. The rate of Robbery in postcode 2162 is 55. It has a hard-to-complain-about homicide rate of zero, and also has rates of stealing from a person, stealing from a retail store, assaulting police, and Padstow (2211) is a suburb of Sydney, Canterbury/Bankstown, New South Wales. Sydney LGA had the highest rate of assault per capita - 44. Crime statistics can be a useful tool for electioneering – and both sides of politics selectively used statistics to push their ‘tough on crime’ agendas. While illicit drug use is frequently cited as an antecedent to the rises in recorded crime statistics, further empirical evidence is required to support this claim. It has also hosted 4 first class games in the Sheffield Shield. 2) 72 (31. There were multiple acts of senseless violence, including weapons theft, shootings, and murders. 36: 0. 82: 0. In 2018, the U. Bankstown Oval (officially known as Bankstown Memorial Oval) is a multi-purpose stadium in Sydney, Australia. Last weekend, we went to Westfield Burwood to watch a movie. In the 2011 census the population of Padstow was 12,717 and is comprised of approximately 51. Crime rates in Fairfield remained stable or declined in all 17 major criminal offences in the 24-months to December. 6) 51 (22. Table 5 – Two-year crime trends (September 2016 – September 2018) According to news. Greater Dandenong, however, has the third-highest Crime Lifestyle Score City of Bankstown Canada Bay Municipality Australian Bureau of Statistics National Census, Google. Despite its relatively small population, the Northern Territory has unfortunately been labelled the “murder capital of Australia”, with a recorded murder rate of 7. Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and is Australia’s largest city. 41%: Hurstville: 4066: 72. au) in August 2014 for Auburn City Council in partnership with Bankstown, Canterbury and Hurstville Councils. Assault, rape, drug offences, theft, even a spot of murder – they’re all frequent entries in Bankstown’s portfolio on a per-capita basis that removes its large Bankstown, PA Traffic, Criminal and Arrest Records Search Search people who may have committed crimes in Bankstown, Pennsylvania for potential criminal records Start Here - Enter the first name of yourself, a friend or family member. NO MORE ORDERS FOR XMAS! Opening at 8:00 AM The deaths have sparked a call to action, with concerns as to youth crime rates growing. Chullora has more pollution than other places due to its rail facility. The Bankstown’s misunderstood narrative and culture Culturally, Bankstown is a diverse melting pot. This chart shows the council areas with the 20th to 30th highest crime rates between January 2015 and December 2016. Extortion and attacks on Australians . Bankstown is rather unsafe, with a high amount of shootings. 6 for these offences, which could indicate FPOs are driving down gun-related crime. Things to note about this table: Dwelling occupancy rates in the above table are from the 2011 Census and the report notes that the forecasts are on the conservative side due to the use of figures from 2011. shepherdson. The suburb is affordable but comes with consequences. But, where is the best place in Sydney for families to live? As always, this depends on what your priorities are and every region has its pros and cons. Located in Sydney’s Inner West near both Marrickville and the airport, Sydenham has a recorded population of 1,145 people and had 1,469 reported incidents during the period examined. In Bankstown, 16 out of 17 of the major crime categories had remained stable or fallen — the only exception being steal from motor vehicles which rose 25 per cent. The rate of Robbery in postcode 2200 is 115. The crime rate, water views, shops and topographic variation are so-so. 5 per 100,000 people. 3%); steal from person (down 13. 64: 0. Crime Rate per Capita; Liverpool: 15069: 269. 69%: Campbelltown: 7913: 141. Our community rightly expects that Council, Police and other stakeholders are working collaboratively to reduce crime. 0 2021/03/28 17:08 ysbk 281708z 2818/2912 vrb03kt 9999 few025 (more bwu / ysbk weather) ysbk 290000z auto 24006kt 9999 // ncd 22/13 q1020 rmk rf00. Compare to other neighborhoods, cities, and states in the U. 07: 0. 1) 67 (29. Follow us: Search Search. 6) 55 (24. The bureau's website provides a breakdown, by local government areas, of crime rates from 2002 to 2005, which confirm that rates of sexual violence and all other crimes in Bankstown is around or below the state average, and that the real problem centres of sexual violence lie in the regional and rural communities. 6) Crime Lifestyle Score City of Bankstown City of Campbelltown Australian Bureau of Statistics National Census, Google. Your reference number is: 2021-1301337. 10 Stories From Bankstown. At the time, the BBC also reported that Singapore had the second-lowest murder rate in the world (excluding Palau and Monaco). (The US average is 22. 7 per 100,000 people. Part of the justification for increasing police numbers is that more police equates to less crime; but is this really the case? Our Crunch Fitness Bankstown is conveniently located in Bankstown Central, home to a plethora of shopping stores, eateries and entertainment. The latest crime statistics were released by BOCSAR in December 2018. Locked Bag 5102 Parramatta, NSW 2124 Most accurate 2021 crime rates for Baytown, TX. Our low crime rates are a result of the emphasis that our community places on both being safe and feeling safe. In Canterbury-Bankstown the crime rate was roughly on par or better than the rest of the state, ­although community perceptions of safety differ. I would asssume on that basis it is safe but just check Sydney crime rates and see how it fairs. delivered to the planning authority. 11: 0. We have been told that NSW will now be funding a further 3,000 prison beds in its budget at a cost of over $3. The government admits this is in response to tougher bail laws, increased policing and a lack of alternatives. bankstown crime rate